PalliWrap - Modular Design

Introducing PalliWrap

An Affordable, Customisable, Eco-Friendly Pallet Display Solution For Any Retail Space.

PalliWrap® is design registered.

Say goodbye to unsightly wooden pallets and hello to professional, eye-catching displays with PalliWrap!

PalliWrap - Standard Design

Make a lasting impact in your industry and showcase your products in the best possible way.

Our easy-to-use, revolutionary PalliWrap combines sustainability, customization, and cost-effectiveness to create visually stunning displays that set you apart from the competition. Trust in the quality and expertise behind PalliWrap and unlock the full potential of your retail space today!

PalliWrap - Flat-Packed Design

Flat-Packed Design

The PalliWrap is completely flat-packed, making it ideal for shipping and keeping warehousing costs to a minimum.

Interchangeable Graphics

The ethos of PalliWrap is rebrand and reuse. Having interchangeable graphic panels allows you to easily and quickly change the graphics for multiple marketing campaigns.

PalliWrap - Interchangeable Graphics
PalliWrap - Extendable


For larger areas in-store the PalliWrap can be extended to surround any size area with ease.

No Nuts, Bolts or Fixings

You do not require any tools, nuts, bolts or fixings of any type to assemble the PalliWrap. Designed with the end user in mind, the structure connects with ease.

PalliWrap - No Nuts, Bolts or Fixings
PalliWrap - Sustainable


Rebrand and Reuse is the core message of the PalliWrap. In today’s world sustainability is crucial and we must all do what we can. With this is mind we designed the PalliWrap to be used again at the end of a marketing campaign. Rather than getting rid of the PalliWrap simply change the graphics and you’ve got a new PalliWrap for your next campaign.

Different Models

The PalliWrap has four different models, Standard, Quarter Pallet, Premium and Modular. We also understand that every brand has unique needs and requirements when it comes to their display solutions. That’s why we offer custom designed PalliWraps.

  • PalliWrap Standard Model
  • PalliWrap Quarter Pallet Model
  • PalliWrap Premuim Model
  • PalliWrap Modular Model

Rebrand and Reuse

Palliwrap – Augmented Reality